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Public Nights at McCormick Observatory

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Near-Field Cosmology at Virginia

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Galaxy Stars

Star Formation At Virginia

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Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) at Virginia

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Apogee Hardware

Instrumentation Laboratory at Virginia

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Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics at Virginia

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Galaxy Stars

Astrochemistry at Virginia

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World Class Facilities at Virginia

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Planetary Science at Virginia

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UVA Astronomer Discusses Successful NASA DART Test

Astronomer Matthew Pryal of the University of Virginia was among the many excited onlookers who checked out NASA’s livestream Monday to witness the space program perform the seemingly impossible feat of striking a moving asteroid from 6.8 million miles away. The Earth was never in danger. Instead, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, served as a demonstration in the interest of future planetary defense.

Matt Pryal speaks on Artemis Moon Mission

After a 50-year absence, NASA is aiming to go back to the moon.

The space agency has dubbed its newest lunar program “Artemis,” after the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, with three flights planned to the moon: an initial unmanned flight, currently scheduled to launch on Saturday; a manned flight with four astronauts in orbit around the moon, launching no earlier than 2024; and then the final flight, in which two members of the crew will land on the moon’s surface, tentatively in 2025.

UVA Astronomy Student Joins Ranks of Astronaut Scholars

Theo O’Neill will continue exploring space as an Astronaut Scholar.

“I think astronomy is fascinating because of the sheer scope of topics involved,” said O’Neill, a rising fourth-year astronomy-physics and statistics major at the University of Virginia. “The enormous range of physical and energetic scales encompassed in this one field, from the behavior of individual grains of dust to the dynamics of interacting galaxies, is incredibly awe-inspiring.”

Nitya Kallivayalil receives All-University Teaching Award

Nitya Kallivayalil receives All-University Teaching Award for 2022.

Associate professor of astronomy Nitya Kallivayalil’s nominator wrote that she “does not place her roles of teaching, mentoring, and efforts towards diversity and equity in different silos.” She has developed a long-term collaboration with Spelman College’s Physics Department, enabled by an NSF/CAREER grant, with the goal of encouraging future STEM leaders from under-represented groups. Spelman students have come to UVA for each of the past five summers to do research with Kallivayalil.  


News & Announcements

UVA Astronomy Is Hiring

November 22, 2022

We are hiring the following positions:

Assistant Professor of Astronomy:

UVA Astro welcomes new faculty member: Maryam Modjaz

November 3, 2022

Maryam Modjaz joins UVa Astronomy as Full Professor after being faculty at NYU.

In a form of "stellar forensics" investigation, she and her team of ... Read»

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