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Astronomy Ph.D. Dissertations (List)

With links to full online dissertations when available in Libra, the scholarly repository of UVa. Links to ORCID identifiers ORCID for individuals are also included from Libra. Prepared by Astronomy Library and Astronomy Department personnel.

Present - 2021

2020 - 2015

Cromartie, Hannah Thankful ORCID (2020)

Massive, Bright and Brand-New Millisecond Pulsars as Probes of Fundamental Physics

Linden, Sean ORCID (2020)

Contrasting Normal and Extreme Environments: A Multiwavelength Census of Star Clusters and Star Forming Regions in Nearby Galaxies

Towner, Allison ORCID (2020)

Investigating the Early Stages of Massive Star Formation in Protocluster Environments: Multiwavelength Studies of Extended Green Objects

Zivick, Paul ORCID (2020)

Understanding Satellite Galaxies Through the Kinematics of the Small Magellanic Cloud in the Age of HST and Gaia

King, Patrick ORCID  (2019)

Gas Dynamics Near and Far: Observational MHD of Interstellar Molecular Clouds and X-Ray Ablation of Asteroids for the Earth's Defense

Wenger, Trey ORCID (2019)

Structure in the Milky Way

Bittle, Lauren ORCID (2018)

Millimeter Observations of Molecular Interstellar Medium from Parsec to Kiloparsec Scales

Burkhardt, Andrew ORCID (2018)

Probing Isolated Ice and Gas-Phase Chemistry in Astrophysical Environments

Liss, Sandra ORCID (2018)

Star Formation in Interacting Dwarf Galaxies

Pesce, Dominic ORCID (2018)

AGN Accretion Disk Megamasters

Sun, Meng ORCID (2018)

Pulsating White Dwarfs and Orbital Decay in Binaries

Suriano, Scott (2018)

The Formation of Rings and Gaps in Magnetized Wind-Launching Disks

Turner, Jake ORCID (2018)

Studying the Atmospheres and Magnetic Fields of Exoplanets

Yang, Haifeng ORCID (2018)

Origins of (sub)Millimeter Disk Polarization

Borish, H. Jacob   ORCID   (2017)

Star Formation and Nuclear Activity in Local Starburst Galaxies: A Near-Infrared Perspective

Huang, Chenliang (2017)

Spectral Line Formation in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres and in Interacting Supernovae

Prager, Brian (2017)

Using Long-Term Millisecond Pulsar Timing to Model Pulsar Companions and their Host Star Clusters

Troup, Nicholas (2017)

Companions to APOGEE Stars: A Stellar Populations View of the Milky Way's Stellar and Substellar Companion Hosts

Barcos, Loreto (2016)

High Resolution Radio Observations of Energetically Dominant Regions in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies

Corby, Joanna (2016)

Astrochemistry in the Age of Broadband Radio Astronomy

Damke, Guillermo (2016)

Spectroscopic Explorations of Milky Way Stellar Populations

Irwin, Christopher (2016)

Long-Duration, Low-Luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts: Towards a Comprehensive Model of the Weakest Engine-Driven Explosions

Jones, Kristen (2016)

The Environments of Obscured Quasars

Sanpa-Arsa, Siraprapa (2016)

Searching for New Millisecond Pulsars with the GBT in Fermi Unassociated Sources

Sokal, Kimberly (2016)

Massive Star Cluster Evolution in Action: The Extreme Environmental Impacts of Wolf-Rayet Stars

Pennucci, Timothy (2015)

Wideband Observations of Radio Pulsars

Romero, Charles (2015)

Interpreting High Resolution SZ Effect Measurements with MUSTANG

Xiaping, Tang (2015)

Nonthermal Particle Propogation and Radiation in Supernova Remnants

2014 - 2010

Beaton, Rachael (2014)

Life in the Outer Limits: Insights on Hierarchical Assembly from Stellar Haloes in Local Universe

Dirienzo, William  (2014)

A Census of Diverse Environments in Star Forming Regions: Where Do Massive Stars Form?

Privon, George (2014)

The Dynamics and Cold Gas Content of Luminous Infrared Galaxy Mergers in the Local Universe

Walker, Lisa May (2014)

Galaxy Evolution in Compact Groups

Zhao, Bo (2014)

Magnetized Binary Star Formation

Chen, Bin (2013)

Radio and X-ray Diagnostics of Energy Release in Solar Flares

Trammell, George (2013)

The Structure and Dynamics of Hot Jupiter Upper Atmospheres

Whelan, David (2013)

Modeling and Observations of Massive Star Cluster Formation

Bilous, Anna (2012)

Single-pulse studies of radio pulsars

Chatzikos, Marios (2012)

The Physics and Observational Signatures of Galaxy Cluster Mergers

Gugliucci, Nicole (2012)

Characterizing the Performance of the Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of Reionization

Ries, Paul  (2012)

High Frequency Observations of Iapetus on the Green Bank Telescope Aided by Improvements in Understanding the Telescope Response to Wind

Zasowski, Gail (2012)

Infrared Extinction and Stellar Populations in the Milky Way Midplane

Carlberg, Joleen  (2011)

Assimilation of Planets by Red Giant Stars

de Messières, Geneviève (2011)

Infrared Spectral Maps of Star-Forming Regions and Cool Core Galaxy Clusters

Kuo, Cheng-Yu (2011)

The Megamaser Cosmology Project: Geometric Distances to Megamaser Galaxies and Accurate Masses of Supermassive Black Holes at Their Centers

Leisenring, Jarron (2011)

A Mid-Infrared Study of Dust Evolution: Protoplanetary Disks, Circumstellar Envelopes, and LMIRcam Development

Lynch, Ryan (2011)

The Hunt for New and Interesting Pulsars with the Green Bank Telescope

Reines, Amy  (2011)

Panchromatic Observations of Dwarf Starburst Galaxies: Infant Super Star Clusters and a Low-Luminosity AGN

Carlin, Jeffrey  (2010)

Kinematical and Chemical Probes of Milky Way Satellite Accretion

Chou, Mei-Yin (2010)

Chemical Fingerprinting and Chemical Analysis of Galactic Halo Substructure

Fox, Ori (2010)

A Near-Infrared Study of the Role of Dust in Supernovae

Park, Chan (2010)

Near-Infrared Studies of Embedded Star Clusters

Simon, Jacob (2010)

Local Simulations of Magnetized Accretion Disks

Wik, Daniel (2010)

Inverse Compton Scattering in Galaxy Clusters

Wong, Ka Wah (2010)

The Role of Non-Equilibrium Processes in Galaxy Clusters

2009 - 2005

Nidever, David Lee (2009)

The Magellanic Stream

Kanneganti, Srikrishna (2009)

Near-Infrared Studies with a Small Telescope

Mellon, Richard (2009)

Protostellar Disk Formation

Morgan, Jodie Rachelle (2009)

Gaseous Merger Signatures in Early-Type Galaxies

Muñoz Vidal, Ricardo Rodrigo (2008)

Mapping Galactic Halo and Dwarf Spheroidal Structure with Giant Stars

Singhal, Alok (2008)

The Connection Between Galaxy Kinematics and HI Line Widths As Applied To the Distance Scale

Bartlett, Jennifer Lynn (2007)

Knowing our neighbors: fundamental properties of nearby stars

Islam, Tanim S. (2007)

Transport and Stability Analysis of Dilute Magnetized Accreting Plasmas

Oishi, Jeffrey Satoshi (2007)

Non-ideal Magnetohydrodynamics in Star and Planet Formation

Frinchaboy III, Peter Michael (2006)

Galactic Disk Dynamical Tracers: Open Clusters and the Local Milky Way Rotation Curve and Velocity Field

Polak, Allyson Anne (2006)

Galactic structure and dynamics with late-type stars

Rosario, David John Vikas (2006)

The narrow-line regions of jet-dominated Seyfert galaxies

Sivakoff, Gregory R. (2006)

Low-mass X-ray binaries, diffuse gas, and globular clusters in early-type galaxies

Randall, Scott William (2005)

Processes Affecting the Dynamics and X-ray Emission of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

2004 - 2000

Crane, Jeffrey David (2004)

Exploring Galactic Structure with the Fan Observatory Bench Optical Spectrograph

Silverman, John (2004)

Cosmological Evolution of X-ray Emitting Active Galactic Nuclei

Sohn, Sangmo Tony (2004)

Multi-Color Studies of Old Stellar Populations

Winters, Wayne Francis II (2003)

Planetary Gap Formation in Turbulent, Protostellar Accretion Disks

Ostheimer, James Craig (2003)

Exploring the Halo of M31

Kempner, Joshua Cal (2002)

Thermal and Nonthermal Effects in Merging Clusters of Galaxies

Siegel, Michael Hiram (2002)

Insights Into the Formation of the Milky Way Galaxy

Bauer, Franz Erik (2001)

Bright Extragalactic X-ray Sources with Optical and Radio Counterparts

Palma, Christopher (2001)

Evidence for Tidal Disruption Induced Substructure in the Outer Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy

Wang, Chih-Yueh (2001)

Instabilities and Clumping in Supernova Remnants

Huang, Zhenping (2001)

X-Ray and Radio Structures in Cooling Flow Clusters

Ohl, Raymond George IV (2000)

Experimental and Observational Studies in Ultraviolet Space Astronomy

Shah, Ronak Yogendra (2000)

Astrochemical Studies of Galactic Star Formation

1999 - 1995

Richards, Eric (1999)

The Nature of Radio Emission from Distant Galaxies

D‘Cruz, Noella Lambert (1998)

Variation of hot Horizontal Branch populations with metallicity

Dwarkadas, Vikram Vasant (1997)

Supernova and stellar wind interaction with the ambient medium

Fang, Fan (1997)

Nonlinear gravitational clustering of galaxies

Irwin, Jimmy Andrew (1997)

X-ray emission in early-type galaxies

Albright, Geary Ellis (1996)

Accretion regions and magnetic activity in Algol binaries

Frayer, David Theodore (1996)

Molecular gas in the early universe

Murphy, Edward Michael (1996)

Aspects of Galactic H I and the Galactic fountain

Whitney, Jonathan Howard (1996)

Ultraviolet photometry and evolutionary population simulations of globular clusters

Dalton, William Wayne (1995)

Massive binary star evolution: theory and observational consequences

Hennessy, Gregory Scott (1995)

Results from the ultraviolet imaging telescope

Patterson, Richard Joseph ORCID  (1995)

An optical study of dwarf galaxies with narrow HI linewidths: dark matter and the Tully-Fisher relation at the faint end

Plait, Philip Cary (1995)

Hubble space telescope observations of the circumstellar ring around of supernova 1987A

1994 - 1990

Foster, Prudence Nichols (1994)

Numerical simulations and analytical studies of collapsing spheres

Gelderman, Richard Fredrick (1994)

An optical study of compact steep spectrum radio sources

Nelson, Charles Herbert III (1994)

The spheroidal component of Seyfert galaxies

Lufkin, Eric Andrew (1992)

Numerical simulations of cluster cooling flows

Wise, Michael Wayne (1992)

Opacity effects in cooling flows

Fanelli, Michael Nicholas (1991)

Ultraviolet spectra of stars and stellar systems

Houck, John Charles (1991)

Structure and stability of spherical accretion flows onto compact objects

McNamara, Brian Robert (1991)

Evidence for cool gas and star formation in cluster cooling flows

Mangum, Jeffery Gary (1990)

The throes of star formation: a study of the Orion-KL and DR21(OH) molecular clouds

1989 - 1985

Adler, David Scott (1989)

The distribution of molecular clouds in spiral galaxies

Lehto, Harry Johannes (1989)

High sensitivity searches for short timescale variability in extragalactic objects

Emmering, Robert Thomas (1988)

The interaction of supernovae and pulsars with the circumstellar environment

Crocker, Deborah Ann (1987)

Multiple populations on the horizontal branch

McGrath, Melissa Ann (1988)

Ion bombardment of Io and Mercury

Wadiak, Edward James (1986)

Formaldehyde observations of molecular clouds

White, Raymond Edward III (1986)

Star formation in X-ray cluster cooling flows

1984 - 1980

Babcock, Alice Kay (1984)

Analysis and modeling of variations in length of day

Hamilton, Andrew James Sackville (1984)

X-ray emission from supernova remnants

Seitzer, Patrick Osborne (1983)

Tidal effects and globular clusters

Neff, Susan Gale (1982)

Radio observations of luminosity and flux-matched samples of quasi stellar objects

Probst, Ronald George (1981)

Infrared detection of very low mass stars

Kingham, Kerry Andrew (1982)

Elliptical galaxies associated with extended radio sources

Levinson, Frank Howard (1980)

HI self-absorption clouds and related studies of spiral structures

1979 - 1975

Dressel, Linda L. (1979)

A radio survey of bright galaxies

Stanley, John Edward (1979)

Studies of interplanetary dust

Bania, Thomas M. (1977)

Carbon monoxide in the inner galaxy and related studies of galactic structure

Corbin, Thomas Elbert (1977)

The proper motion system of the AGK3R

Huntley, James Michael (1977)

Gas response to perturbations in disk galaxies

Marscher, Alan Patrick (1977)

Effects of nonuniform structure in compact synchrotron sources

Strikwerda, Thomas Earl (1977)

Astronmetric studies with a photoelectric area scanner

Gibson, David Michael (1976)

Radio emission from normal binary stars

Hollis, Jan Michael (1976)

The identification of X-ogen

McAlister, Harold Alister (1975)

The performance limits of the astrometric multiplexing area scanner

1974 - 1970

Hemenway, Paul Derek (1974)

The measurement of position, baseline, and time using 4-antenna interferometry

Clark, Frank Oliver (1973)

Excitation of interstellar hydrogen cyanide in the Orion molecular cloud

Giguere, Paul Theodore (1973)

Proposed ultraviolet studies of interstellar polyatomic molecules and supporting radio observations

Harris, Bernadette Londak (1973)

Distance to the galactic center using luminous early-type stars

Miller, Alvin Curtis (1973)

The smoothed distribution of interstellar atomic hydrogen in the galaxy

Smith, Charles Ditto (1973)

Observations of double and multiple stellar systems made with the astrometric multiplexing area scanner

Zissell, Ronald Everett (1973)

An oscillating linear scanner of stellar images: a feasibility study,

McCarthy, Dennis D. (1972)

Analysis of Washington latitude variations from 1915 to 1970 using the photographic zenith tube

Mast, Joseph Willis (1972)

Low velocity interstellar neutral hydrogen in the local region of the galaxy

Pascu, Dan (1972)

The motions of the satellites of Mars from photographic observations made in 1967, 1969 and 1971

Rosenberg, Fred Delano (1972)

On the optical rotating intensity modulator

Smith, Haywood Clark (1972)

Numerical experiments and the evolution of star clusters

Garmany, Catharine D. (1971)

A spectroscopic study of the OB association III Cepheus

Hemenway, Mary Kathleen Meachem (1971)

Motions and absolute magnitudes of RR Lyrae stars

Shelus, Peter John (1970)

Some periodic orbits in the elliptic restricted problem of three bodies

Cochran, Gordon Vance (1970)

The light variations of close binaries conforming to the Roche model

Doyle, Robert John (1970)

Hydrogen-deficient model atmospheres for degenerate stars

1969 - 1960

Berg, Richard Allen (1969)

Stellar angular diameters from lunar occultations

Hershey, John Landis (1969)

Model atmospheres and strong-line profiles for late type dwarfs

Lockwood, George Wesley (1968)

Studies of cool stars in the one-micron region

Knappenberger, Paul H., Jr. (1968)

Some useful contributions of the wave front shearing and Kosters interferometers to astronomy

Bash, Francis Ness (1967)

Brightness distributions of radio sources at 2695 MHz

1959 - 1940

Vandervort, Gordon Lee (1958)

The magnitudes, colors, and motions of stars of the spectral class R

Mumford, George Saltonstall (1955)

The motions and distribution of red dwarf stars

Janssen, Edith Marie (1949)

On the distribution of the space velocities of bright A and K-type stars

Dyer, Edward R. (1948)

On the distribution of faint stars according to galactic longitude and spectral type

1939 - 1920

Vyssotsky, A. (1927)

Proper motions of three hundred and eighteen faint stars in Cygnus

1919 - 1900

Alden, Harold Lee (1917)

Observations of long period variable stars at the Leander McCormick Observatory

Wunder, Charles Newman (1913)

A Photometric Survey of the Stars of the Huygenian Region of the Great Nebula of Orion

Paddock, George Frederic (1912)

Some adaptations and criticisms of spectroscopic orbit formulae and an application to nu 4th Eridani AGC 4821X

Olivier, Charles P. (1911)

175 parabolic orbits and other results deduced from over 6200 meteors

Wilson, Ralph E. (1910)

New positions of the stars in the Huyghenian region of the great nebula in Orion, from observations made at the Leander McCormick Observatory

McCallie, James Park (1903)

An example in periodic orbits

Curtis, Herber Doust (1902)

Definitive determination of the orbit of comet 1898 I

Morgan, Herbert Rollo (1901)

The Orbit of Enceladus

1899 - 1882