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Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology Initiative (GECO)

GECO Title ArtMilky Way Analog Image with gas and shocks

Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (GECO) is a research initiative focused on galaxy evolution and cosmology made possible by generous seed funding from the Provost and Dean’s office at UVa. The relevant themes include resolved stellar populations, near-field cosmology, the dark universe, and galaxy formation and evolution, from both theoretical and observational perspectives. UVA is a member of the LSST-Discovery alliance, SDSS, and has access to a range of telescope apertures and wavelengths (including LBT, MMT/Magellan). The UVA astronomy faculty have strong research ties to the scientific staff at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), which is located on the grounds of the University.

GECO Faculty

Nitya Kallivayalil
Professor, Dean’s Research Fellow, GECO management committee
Near-field Cosmology, Resolved Stellar Populations, Local Group Dynamics
Paul Torrey
Assistant Professor, GECO Management Committee
Extragalactic Astrophysics; Computational Galaxy Formation
Aaron Evans
Hamilton Professor, GECO management committee
Hamilton Professor Extragalactic Astronomy, Starbursts and Active Galactic Nuclei
Shane Davis
VITA, Associate Professor
Numerical simulations, star formation feedback, active galactic nuclei
Rob Garrod
Astrochemistry in low-metallicity regimes
Remy Indebetouw
Magellanic Clouds, Interstellar medium of nearby galaxies, Resolved star formation in nearby galaxies
Bradley Johnson
Associate Professor
CMB studies, ISM studies, Dark Matter searches
Anatoly Klypin
Visiting Professor
Large-Scale Structure, cosmological simulations, evolution of galaxies
Steve Majewski
Galaxy evolution, stellar populations and companions, observational astronomy, instrumentation
Maryam Modjaz
SNe and GRB host galaxy studies: metallicity, SFR,  chemical evolution and SNe rates

Jonathan Tan
VITA, Research Professor
 Pop III Star Formation, Supermassive Black Hole Formation; Galactic Interstellar Media; Star Formation Laws
Mark Whittle
AGN, starburst galaxies, galaxy evolution