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APOGEE Project


    Sloan 2.5 Telescope doing APOGEE observations of the Galactic bulge - at 2 airmasses, over El Paso lights, and in full moon!!

Observer Night Logs and Procedures

Data Page

How-to guide for APOGEE data

  1. Apogeereduce. Download the "apogeereduce" SVN product which has programs to load/view the data.
  2. Data Model. The data model is now an SVN product and can be accessed here:
  3. Raw data. The raw data can be accessed from the SAS via
    However, Jon's reduction webpage has links to raw data now (that point to the data on the SAS) and these are probably far easier to navigate. The raw data are compressed and need to be uncompressed with the APZIP.PRO program that is in the apogeereduce product. This also requires the compiled "funpack" program to work. The source code for fpack/funpack is in apogeereduce/src/cfitsio/.
  4. Reduced data. Currently there are 2D images and 1D extracted spectra. The reduction QA html pages have "Exposures" pages for each night with links to these reduced files. You can use the APLOADFRAME.PRO to load these files into IDL:
    To load 2D image:
    To load 1D spectra:
    See the headers for the files for the format.
  5. Plugmap files. The plugmap files are included in the raw directory. You can use the APLOAD.PRO (or APLOADPLUGMAP.PRO) program to load these in IDL.
  6. APLOAD.PRO This is an all-purpose program to load APOGEE data into IDL.
    This can be used to load all APOGEE reduction pipeline data types: apR, ap2D, ap2Dmodel, ap1D, apCframe, apPlate, apVisit, apStar, plPlugMapA or plPlugMapM, apPlan; including the calibration files apDark, apFlat, apBPM, apDetector, apWave, apLSF, apPSF and apFlux.
    • To use:
    • This will load a single chip 2D image into the STR structure
    • Leaving out the chip specific information will return all three chips in one structure:
    • and you can leave off the ".fits" as well.
    • This "trick" can be used for any file types that have three chip files (except for apR and apDark which are datacubes and are too large to load all three chips together).
    • APLOAD can also deal with compressed apz raw files and will uncompress them for you.

Other questions. Email David or Jon.


  • Reduction v1 page/plots (current redutions,with improved wavelength calibration, telluric correction, and includes combined apStar files ) 
  • Older, out-of-date reductions Reduction v0.91 page/plots (complete redutions through Mar 2012, but volatile and untagged reduction version)
    • Reduction v0.7 page/plots (old, reduction through extraction)
    • Reduction v0.701 page/plots (old, visits and RVs for v0.7

Instrument Telemetry Plots

APOGEE Dewar Care and Feeding Document