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Nitya Kallivayalil receives All-University Teaching Award

May 11, 2022

Nitya Kallivayalil receives All-University Teaching Award for 2022.

Associate professor of astronomy Nitya Kallivayalil’s nominator wrote that she “does not place her roles of teaching, mentoring, and efforts towards diversity and equity in different silos.” She has developed a long-term collaboration with Spelman College’s Physics Department, enabled by an NSF/CAREER grant, with the goal of encouraging future STEM leaders from under-represented groups. Spelman students have come to UVA for each of the past five summers to do research with Kallivayalil.  

Kallivayalil has students generate their own mini-research proposals. “My teaching philosophy has focused on two major factors affecting modern day society: the fact that our world is increasingly run by large amounts of amassed data, i.e., databases; and the lack of diversity in science, technology and math (STEM) fields.”

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